How would you like to own a beautifully bred, performance horse, with no up-front cost or purchase price?

  The J Bar D, with over 55 years of breeding world famous performance horses, is now offering you the chance to not only own a "Jae Bar", but also to have one trained by Jim Wilkins, the man who knows "Jae Bar" horses best!  We feel that this program is a "win win" formula for both you and us, letting you pay for your horse over time, by simply paying for the training, which at the same time will be continuing to increase the value of your horse, and we always love the opportunity to ride and promote the horses we have carefully bred for!

  Here is how it works -

1. Pick out your horse!  We have a wonderful selection of weanlings and yearlings in the program.

2. Pick your discipline. Choose from: cutting, team penning/sorting, barrel racing, trail riding/extreme trail, mounted shooting, or reining.

3. Pay for 16 months of training.

                                                 .......And the horse is YOURS!!!


Prices are as follows -  (Prices may be subject to change.)

$50 per month board. (If you claim you horse before it is weaned.)

$100 per month board from weaning, until it is ready to train.

FREE halter breaking! 

$550 per month training.

$650 per month training on cattle.

   After you have claimed your new prospect, you are welcome, and encouraged, to come visit, get to know your horse, and even ride or take lessons!  All horses in our Free Horse Program will go on a first come basis, and a signed contract will stake your don't wait!!  Pick out your favorite before it's gone!


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