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All Natural Liquid Supplement

  There is a wonderful product for horses that is being used as both a treatment and preventative for EPM!!!  (It is also cheaper then most EPM treatments.)  This product is an all natural liquid that has been shown to kill the protozoa that causes EPM.  This is also an immune booster, and there have been reports form people that this produce has helped with such things as:  weight gain on hard keepers, hair coats became shiny, better feed absorption/less grain in the manure, it helped to put moody or grumpy horses in a better mood (some overly hyper horses calmed down), lethargic horses had more energy.  One lady reported that the warts on her horse fell off right away, and another lady thought that the produce helped with her horse's skin cancer.

  Give us a call, and TRY THIS PRODUCT!  We would love to hear how it has helped your horse!

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Horse Hair Bracelet $30


   I can make a "twisted rope" bracelet out of your horse's hair, and then for an extra special touch, I add a glass charm with your horse's picture!  To order, please e-mail me the picture you would like to use.  Also, include the name that you would like on the back of the charm.  Then mail me some tail hair.  The thickness of the hair should be about the size of your pinky , and please be sure to get it as long as you can!   Also send a check, $30 per bracelet, plus $2 shipping if you would like it mailed back to you.     (Contact info is on our Home page.) 



 Here are a few more examples of what I can make. 





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                                                 Toy/Mini Aussies               



  Our female, River (the blue merle) is only about an inch too tall to be a toy, so she is registered with the American Stock Dog  as a miniature.  She has one blue eye and one brown eye.   (The right picture is her as a puppy.)

  She has a hair coat like the standards, is very intelligent, with a wonderful personality!!  She really has all the characteristics of a full size!  She is a true mini, mirroring the breed's "big dogs" exactly with her bone structure, hair coat, shape of her head, and desire to work! 

We currently have a litter of pups for sale!  Black tri and blue merle males are available for $500.  They will be ready to go March 18th 2017.

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 Equine Massage Therapy -$45

  Contact Jacki Wilkins, a Certified Equine Massage Therapist, to learn about the many benefits a massage can give your horse!

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Nebraska Breeders Incentive - $250

  The "NBI" is an exciting way to help promote your cow bred horses!  To be eligible, you must live in Nebraska, and nominate your name as a breeder (the year that you are breeding).  Then all of the foals born to your mares, are eligible for extra pay out money at the CHAN Futurity!!  And, NCHA will approve the earning on the horse!  You may breed to any stud, and any number of mares.  For more info, contact us, or visit the NBI website!!

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Stalls for rent.

   If you are a trainer, looking for a barn to train out of, give us a call.  We have way more stalls than we need!  We have an outdoor arena, an indoor arena, a small indoor round pen and large outdoor round there is plenty of room for another responsible, respectful, honest trainer.   If you are a good hand, and we like the way you ride, we may even hire you to help us with some of our colts, or pass our "over flow" on to you. 

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Arena Use - $10 per horse.

  By appointment only.  You are welcome to use our barrels, poles, and the obstacles that we have set up, but there will be an extra charge for heat, or flag work.

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Psalms 119:105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

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