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                                                                               Doc's Jack Sprat                                  

  John Wilkins, the founder of the J Bar D Ranch has been breeding horses for over 50 years.  The ranch has had the privilege of being the home to such legendary horses as,  Doc's Jack Sprat, Leo's Question, Leo Flyo, Doc's Cinch Bet, and Triple Chick, just to name a few.   The Quarter Horse News reported in the August 24th  1990 issue a statistical review of earnings in the cutting industry.  This Equi-Stat report tabulated earnings for six years from 1983 to 1989.  John Wilkins and his J Bar D Ranch were the third leading breeders of money earners during this time period!  The ranch has consistently produced athletes  who have made their mark, not only in the cutting arena, but also in other performance areas, such as reining, roping, and barrel racing.








      Doc's Jack Sprat

                                                                Doc's Jack Sprat & Bob Loomis

   Doc's Jack Sprat came to the J Bar D ranch as a yearling, from the famed Doc Bar Ranch of Paicines, California.  He started his show career by winning the 2 year old stallion class at the Denver Stock Show.  He later went on to become an AQHA Champion with 15 halter points, 14 western pleasure points, and 29 cutting points.  He was an NCHA Derby Semi-Finalist, and earned his NCHA Certificate of Ability.


   Doc Bar                                               Lightning Bar


  The family of Doc's Jack Sprat runs deep in the record books.  He was sired by the legendary Doc Bar, who had probably the greatest influence on the cutting industry ever!  Many believe the greatest cross for Doc Bar was with the blood of Poco Tivio.  Doc's Jack Sprat was a product of this cross.  His dam, Pura Fina was by Puro Tivio.  Pura Fina was a line bred King mare.  Three Bars, King, Poco Bueno, and Texas Dandy all appear in the pedigree of Doc's Jack Sprat, and they are ALL members of the AQHA Hall Of Fame.



  The role of Doc's Jack Sprat as a sire is a picture of consistency.  He has finished no lower than 16th on the leading sire lists during the years 1989 to 1994.  He finished 11th on this list in 1990 through 1993.  His foals earned (NCHA money)  $214,647 in 1989,  $294,090 in 1990, $271,017 in 1991, $232,170 in 1992, $220,705 in 1993, and 252,009 in 1994.  This consistency has resulted in a yearly average of $247,444 (through 1994).  All together,  Doc's Jack Sprat's get have won over 3 million in NCHA money.

  Leo's Question was the senior sire in the J Bar D Ranch breeding program for many years.  He was an AA rated stakes runner on the track.  He became a proven sire of halter, race, and performance horses.  Many of his daughters were retained as broodmares to continue the J Bar D breeding program.  Leo's Question was a son of Leo.  Leo's Question's grandsire on the bottom side was Question Mark.








Leo's Question                                                                                                                             Leo Flyo

  The foals of Leo's Question include, Cutter Question  (NCHA Silver Award), War Leo (NCHA Bronze Award), War Olee (Superior Cutting Horse), Cutter Leo (NCHA Bronze Award), Leo's Lightfoot (37 AQHA points), Sinnamon Leo (NCHA earnings of $39,977),  Rondo Leo (AQHA Chmpion and sire of Mr Gunsmoke), Mr Bar Question (AJQHA World Show Finalist), and Ace Of Limestone (AQHA Champion).


            Leo                                                     Question Mark

  Leo's Question has consistently been found on the annual Quarter Horse News, Leading Maternal Grandsires List.  The daughters of Leo's Question have produced the winners of $1,144,081 from 1989 to 1994.  This is an average of $190,680 per year of this six year period.

  The cross of Doc's Jack Sprat on the daughters of Leo's Question was what we call "The Magic Cross" .  It proved year in and year out to be the common denominator in the success of the J Bar D Ranch breeding program.

   Here are a few of the horses that were by Doc's Jack Sprat, and out of daughters of Leo's Question (with their NCHA money earnings):

  Jae Bar Fletch $422,935 (also is in the NCHA Hall of Fame, and sired Royal Fletch, the 2000 NCHA Futurity Champion),  Jae Bar Maisie $160,290, Jae Bar Gaby $148,467, Jae Bar Faber $147,059, Jae Bar Peppy $144,576, Jae Bar Fame $142,586,  Jae Bar Curt $107,277, Jae Bar Cal $123,230,  Jae Bar Mina $87,095, Jae Bar Trick $78,293, Jae Bar Tomahawk $87,691, Jae Bar Alex $72,005, Jae Bar Gali $56,678,  Jae Bar Marco $37,345, Jae Bar Muir $37,933, Jae Bar Wendy $37,955, and many more!!!!!!!



 Jae Bar Fletch






 Jae Bar Fame cutting, and as a baby with his dam, Leo's Redonda (Below)


Many of our broodmares are also granddaughters of the great Peppy San Badger (1977 NCHA Futurity winner).







Peppy San Badger


                                                  Bill Wilkins & Doc's Cinch Bet

  John's grandfather always told him that a building was no better than it's foundation. This is also true in the breeding of good performance horses.  When John Wilkins started this ranch, he did a lot of research.  He knew these horses and he knew their history, and he carefully selected the ones that he felt would continue to put excellence into his program.  With his research and the Lord's blessing, John became a very successful breeder in the horse industry.

  Today, we are continuing to build on this foundation by breeding our daughters and granddaughters of Doc's Jack Sprat to such horses as, Dualin Jewels, Lenas Jewel Bars, Bingos Dually, and Smart Little Mister.

In 2007, John Wilkins celebrated 50 consecutive years of breeding American Quarter Horses!!  To read the interview on John, and to learn more about the J Bar D  Ranch history, CLICK HERE

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