I’M WISHING (TB) – 2010 Brown (Dark Bay) Mare

 Please ignore the terrible picture of Jacki – LOL!! But this is the only picture we found of when we first bought her. We wanted to show you what she looked like right off the track!  She is 16.2 hands high and looks black in the spring. We call her “Dreamer.”  She is our only Thoroughbred. We thought it would be a fun cross with our cutting studs!  Dreamer was raced 13 times, won $31,421 and retired sound.  When we bought her, several trainers told us that we should keep running her! She is a great granddaughter of the incredible Triple Crown Winner – Seattle Slew!

 Dreamer has had 3 foals for us so far.  Jae Bar Sapphire (by Jae Bar Lil Steve) was sold to a well known barrel racer, but sadly later got injured in a trailer accident and is now being used for breeding. Jae Bar Daretodream (our last foal by Jae Bar Lil Steve), we planned on keeping. We sent her out to a ranch to do ranch work for a while. The guy riding her absolutely loved her, but again sadly, she stepped in a hole, broke her leg, and had to be put down. And Jae Bar Zenyatta (by Jae Bar Commander) we have kept for a broodmare.

 Click here to see Dreamer racing!  In this race she is in the white bridle. #7. She breaks out first and holds the lead the entire time! Watch until the very end…..they show her galloping in show motion, it’s pretty cool! 

 Click here to watch another one of her races. #3  In this race she also breaks out well, then overtakes the lead horses for the win! 

 Dreamer is homozygous for black, and heterozygous for agouti.  E/E A/a

Dreamer's foals:

Jae Bar Zenyatta 2019 Bay Mare by Jae Bar Commander. Pictured as a yearling. 

Jae Bar Sapphire 2016 Bay Mare by Jae Bar Lil Steve. 

Jae Bar Daretodream 2017 Bay Mare by Jae Bar Lil Steve.